Discussion with Stan Tenen on the names of God

[Stan Tenen]
FYI, the two primary God-Names represent the two poles of reality.

The Four-Letter Name, YH-VH, "Lord", the Tetragrammaton, represents utter Singularity, and is best modeled as the Dirac delta function, instantaneous and infinite.

The Five-Letter Name, Elo-him, "God", represents the All-Inclusiveness of everything in the inner and outer cosmos. This is All-There-Is. It's best modeled by the Fourier transform spectrum of the delta function, all-inclusive, unitary (amplitude), eternal.

What is your reason for making these associations? Can you explain it rationally, preferably with reference to the work of a mathematician.

The Four-Letter Name is associated with what Arthur Young refers to as the "quantum of action", and represents each single choice. It represents the subjective.

The quantum of action does not represent a choice. It originally had to do with the quantized orbits in the Bohr atom.

The Five-Letter Name represents the objective, and/or "Mother Nature," and/or All-There-Is.

The formal meaning of the Four-Letter Name (letter by letter) is Be-ing, Do-ing.

I beg to differ. I think it means Etre pour-soi-en-soi, where pour-soi-en-soi = JOD HE VAV HE, i.e., the whole name represents unified being, described as the goal of existence in Sartre's "Being and Nothingness".

Please present your letter by letter analysis.

The formal meaning of the Five-Letter Name (letter by letter, or root by root) is absolute abstraction (flame) in the expanse (great sea).

Again, please present your letter by letter analysis.

The contrast between singularity (the Four-Letter Name) and wholeness (the Five-Letter Name) is what G. Spencer-Brown identifies as the first topological distinction between inside and outside. The contrast between absolute Inside and absolute Outside provides the negentropic gradient that stretches reality "from heaven to earth".

The four letter name is the noumenal quantum object, defined only in terms of the oneness and wholeness of the entire ontological perspective. It is singularity only in the sense of being the noumenon, i.e., the unknowable. It is not a singularity in terms of a mathematical description like the delta function. That is patently absurd, IMHO. The five letter name does have an inside and an outside. Aleph and Mem are inside, in the emotional world, and He and Jod are outside, in the physical world. Lamed is the boundary between the emotional world and the physical world. It is the lowest placement of the cut between classical and quantum reality.

However the inside and outside of Brown, which I believe had something to do with the Sheffer stroke, is more likely described by the name of the Goddess, Ashteroth, or Ayin Shin Tau Resh Tau. The Ayin is internal and the Shin is the Sheffer stroke between the inside and the outside. The Shin of the Goddess of course complements and completes the Aleph and Mem of the God. Together they comprise the three mother letters, demonstrating that the original deity was the androgynous Divine Mother.

This model is expanded on at www.meru.org/GodofAbe/onegdpix.html and www.meru.org/manbitesdog.html.


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