The psychon-pneumaton as the subject-superject of Whitehead

Oh, I meant to add another piece of the puzzle just discovered by me. Once we have recovered the universal wave function and presumably the noumenon, we are now in a position to realize an application of the principle of psycho-physical parallelism, as I think Bohr originally intended it (von Neumann's use is just to justify the completely arbitrary placement of the cut). What Bohr meant is what Pauli meant by the psycho-physical unification. It means that although the mental and the physical are orthogonal, so to speak, they can be realized as parallel processes in the emotional world between them. The agent of this psycho-physical parallelism is the psychon (of Eccles fame). The parallel physical process is the neuron, and uniting the psychon and the neuron in the emotional world is the pneumaton. So, on the neuronal level, psychon-pneumaton is the embodiment of Whitehead's subject-superject. Understood in this way the influence of the psychon-pneumaton can be much more than feeble, which was all the psychons of Eccles could manage. The neuron is rather just a material template (Popper's world 3) for the psychon-pneumaton, which is the actual entity.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000