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Quantum Mind Forum Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 From: Peter Mutnick To:, Subject: The Rocket's Red Glare (Dialogue with Henry Stapp) -- Peter Mutnick (version 4, Final Corrected Version) From Henry, This is a very good dialogue, IMHO. If more of the physicists and philosophers would participate on this level, q-mind forum would become like Plato's Academy, which would make Heisenberg very happy.

Math Forum Subject: Sarfatti Physics of Consciousness - saint7peter Feb 5, 2003 wrote: Hiley's argument here is contradicted by his admission, with Bohm, in Undivided Universe, that the interaction between wave and particle is one-way in conventional quantum theory, and thererfore the existence of the particle DOES NOT effect the wave or cause it to be any different that it would have been in conventional quantum theory.

Math Forum Subject: Final Sarfatti Paper - saint7peter Apr 3, 2003 wrote: OK, I found the missing paper - the volume had been misshelved. It is: On the "Type II Superconductor" Model of Self-Trapped Laser Filaments, Physics Letters, v. 26A, n. 2, p. 88 (1967). This is the one that Ray Chiao told Charles Townes he found useful back in the 60's when he did experiments at UCB on the laser filaments. I was teaching at SDSU at the time with Fred Alan Wolf in the office next door.

Humanism vs. Theism? Group: alt.philosophy Author: saint7peter Date: Jun 11, 2008 Humanism and Theism are not diametrical opposites. If anything, they are interpenetrating opposites. I think this all depends upon how you define humanism.

Raziel Group: alt.philosophy Do You Want To Know the One True God of Israel? Author: saint7peter Date: Feb 10, 2008 This is probably tantamount to the Big Bang of Creation outwardly. The flash of inward Light that creates spacetime becomes embodied in the Soul or Sol.

Yahoo Tech Groups ongoing posts from: Peter Mutnick saint7peter, starting Aug 27, 2001 The obvious problem with this is to give meaning to emitter and absorber for QM in general - it was originally a theory of classical EM, I believe.

Yahoo Tech Groups Subject: [quantum-mind] Re: UNIFIED FIELD HYPERSPACE THEORY, BACK-ACTION, MIND-MATTER -J. Sarfatti Reply to Herbert Muller on Quantum Theory and the Mind

Google Groups Forum: What is Really Wrong with Henry Stapps View:

listserve thread memetics Jun 06, 2001, Chris Lofting wrote: As you know I'm much impressed with your work. But I also find Peter Mutnick's contributions substantial, and so am confused by the vehemence of the current debate about insights of QM pioneers.

Theos Talk Re: PM discussions on theosophy Theos Talk Comparing the Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky with modern sciences (quantum physics, relativity, etc.) and philosophies (Phenomenology, Existentialism, etc.).

Karl Jaspers Society, Session: Modernity, etc. by Glenn C. Wood - Various Exstracts - Section 2 Pertinent Mutnick and Phenomenological Method - Karl Jaspers might appreciate Mr. Mutnick's comments for they seem quite pertinent to a KJ forum. Mr. Mutnick is to be hailed for giving occasion for one -- namely me -- to point to Jaspers as a qualified and trustworthy theologian -- well ... at least a philosophical pastoral counselor.

Many Worlds Forum Reply to David Deutsch: If particles and universes are emergent concepts, as you said in an earlier post, then what is the X or the real object that the Schrodinger equation is supposed to describe in the first place?

Italian Physics Center logick requires an additional manipulative continuum at the crux - The opinions of Peter Mutnick on the inherent error in quantum mechanics in the situation of a measuring guage are very well articulated

Psychology.Consciousness forum - Clarion call for unadulterated understanding of quantum mechanics

Karl Jaspers Forum - Ontology Should be Both Static and Dynamic / Experience Should be Ecstatic (at least some of the time)(-: by Peter Mutnick Sept 2000

The Epistemological Problems with Special Revelation Dec 31, 2004 As a recipient of what you call "special revelation," ...the first person generally does not hear the voice of God directly, but indirectly through a system of symbols designed specifically for the purpose of that particular revelation. Page 2 Jan 2, 2005 I have had other breakthroughs in terms of coordinating Whiteheadian philosophy with quantum physics. If people were at all responsive to real ideas, I would have expected some excitement, or at least mild interest, but I got absolutely none.

Listserve.Arizona.Edu forum with Stuart Hameroff, Jack Sarfatti, Henry Stapp, Peter Mutnick

FPIF Org commentary to article on religion and Marxism

Some Records of Peter's Efforts to Deal With Berkely City Council

Motion to Berkely City Council Citizens Concern over failure of Berkeley to enforce air pollution and mold ordinances

The Sad Truth About Our Departing City Attorney By PETER MUTNICK - Manuela Albuquerque started out her career with Berkeley by defending rent control and ended it by almost single-handedly selling Berkeley down the river amidst the rising tide of corporate fascism. 2007

Berkely Daily Planet Article about PM motion calling UC deal extrinsic fraud, 2005.

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