The primal constituents of experiential reality are strong energy; weak energy; light; and infinite space, infinite consciousness, nothingness, and neither being nor non-being. These constitute the direct experience of consciousness itself. The stream of consciousness then intervenes to set up the flow of phenomenal experience and the orientation to observer-observed reality, where the observed thing is the noumenon in nature. The strong and weak nuclear energies project the primal constituents of experiential reality onto the noumenon in nature. This is signified by the mantra: OM TARA, TU TARA, TURE SVAHA.

In particular the directly experienced inner light, or mystic light, or Great White Light, is projected into material form as idea and thing, or as the body-world schema, noema, dianoia, noesis, and noumenon. The noumenon itself is evidently a projection of the phenomenon itself, that phenomenon being in the first instance the direct experience of infinite space, infinite consciousness, nothingness, and neither being nor non-being. In the second instance, it is the positional consciousness of something that is the character of the stream of consciousness and the phenomenal world. It is represented by the fourth cosmic force of gravity.

So, Einstein is right that all matter is inherently gravitational - it is ultimately held together by the force of gravity and the Geometry Of Divinity (GOD), not the strong or weak forces, which are merely responsible for the projection of the phenomenal reality of the force of gravity onto noumenal reality. The particles are event-particles, which are also point-instants, so "event" here is meant in the Einsteinian sense. ("Point" means unlimited extension in time with no extension is space - it is a trajectory or Bohm point. "Instant" means unlimited extension in space with no extension in time it is a Wheeler superspatial or point in superspace.) The Feynman method applied to the "point" sums over all points, and presumably this could be applied to the instants, as well. I'm not sure if the Wheeler/DeWitt equation amounts to this or not.

In any case, all particles are self-luminous intelligent substance, insofar as they are the synthesis of light projected onto reality and the kinematical considerations of geometrodynamics. This is a kind of secondary substance, however, insofar as the subjectivity of the present actual entity reanimates the mere form of the past actual entity. (Recall Heisenberg's intuition that the particles are like Platonic forms - specifically, they are not eternal objects, but dynamical objects or superjects, reanimated by the subjectivity of the present actual entity.)

The generation and development of actual entities follows another path from phenomenal reality to noumenal reality. The actual entities arise from the phenomenal flow of time as present moments, desiring to be present in a real existential sense. To define that existential moment as more than a fleeting impermanence (anitya), the present subject becomes world-thrown, across the abyss oroborically separating phenomenal from noumenal reality.

THE KEY POINT HERE IS TO FIND THE PROPER CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN ACTUAL ENTITIES AND ELEMENTARY PARTICLES. One possibility is that each prehension or actual event is also an event-particle. This would mean that each actual entity is an elementary particle, but only as objectified and prehended by another actual entity. This, however, would also mean that no particle, per se, enters into the real present-moment dynamical process of becoming, but instead that each actual entity is an S-matrix element from which all the particles in the universe emerge without any having entered, i.e., EACH ACTUAL ENTITY IS THE COSMIC SINGULARITY! Talk about rebirth with a vengeance!

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000