UFO-Propulsion in the Bible

The word is Matred, Mem Tesh Resh Daleth, which means propulsive, drive, or drive on, and, unlike the name Jeshua, which occurs 100 times, it occurs only one place in the Tanach that we know of, namely Genesis 36:39.

The seven names of that verse constitute a genuine archetype:

Baalhanan, Beth Ayin Lamed He Nun Nun, which means possessor of grace.
Achbor, Ayin Kaph Beth Vav Resh, which means mouse, to bore or dig (as in quantum tunnelling), and stealthy (as in UFO's).
Hadar, He Daleth Resh, which means honor.
Pau, Peh Ayin Vav, which means screaming or crying.
Mehetabel, Mem He Jod Tesh Beth Aleph Lamed, which means What?, How?, When?, or Why?
Matred, Mem Tesh Resh Daleth, which means propulsive, drive, or drive on.
Mezahab, Mem Jod Zayin He Beth, which means Who?

So, it is apparent from the meanings that Mezahab-Mehetabel constitute a Subject-Superject and Matred is a quantum System of Objects arising from the concrescence of the Subject. The notion of making the System intermediate between the Superject and the Subject, in the way that is done here, seems to be the biblical key to the propulsive systems of the stealthy UFO's.

This verse, Genesis 36:39, is the propulsion attribute of God. Each verse is apparently an attribute in the sense of the God of Spinoza, defined as Substance consisting of infinite attributes, each one of which expresses eternal and infinite essence.

Moreover, I will now declare this to be the 33 letter name of God. All the names except Pau, which is the name of a city, add up to 30 letters, and the 3 letters of Pau represent the 3 years of the ministry of Jeshua, the Moshiach.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000