The New Algebra for the New Quantum Field Theory

In conventional quantum theory, the wave function is just a probability for finding a particle, and the particle only has existence at the moment of measurement. So, we say that the existence of the particle is connected with the transformation of the potential (as an extension of the noumenal *potentia*) into an actual event. In genuine Bohm theory, however, this is not the case. The existence of the particle is indeed associated not with the potential|actual event, but with the state vector|substance. The state vector is assumed to have real substance and to be a real substance. Now here is the kicker: this was in fact the firm conviction of none other than Max Born, as he expressed unambiguously in his autobiography, "My Life and My Views".

Now, when we go over to quantum field theory, it now becomes clear that the state|vector substance will have the character of a creation operator and an unfoldment, while the potential|actual event will have the character of a destruction operator and an enfoldment. It should be noted that state and substance are two of the ten Aristotelian categories of logic. The destruction operator now signifies primarily the destruction of the past in the present moment, while the creation operator now signifies the creation of the future in the present moment. The present moment itself will represent the construction of reality or the ideation that must precede all creation. It is represented by the Aristotelian categories (only the first four are actually categories): quality, quantity, position, relation, configuration space, motion, momentum, matter, energy, space, time, primary mental matter, physical mind and physical body. The last three express the categories of quantity, quality and quantum.

Physical mind is Pythagorean, where the things of the sense *are* numbers, while physical body is Platonic, where mathematical entities are intermediate between the ideas and the things of the senses. The latter is dialectical, according to Aristotle in the "Metaphysics", but what he evidently means is that the latter is arrived at through consideration of the overarching metaphysical dialectic. These categories constitute a holomovement of a very special kind, that is essentially an unfoldment, but in which there is some enfoldment and equilibrium between unfoldment and enfoldment.

So, the idea is that the destruction and creation operators of particles are a rather specialized abstraction of the more general dialectical processes. We call Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the destruction operator, in this specialized sense, and we call Brahma|Saraswati/Sananda-Sanaka the creation operator. Sananda is a special kind of Substance, namely Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance, or Consciousness, while Sanaka is the Substance of the world. Hence Sananda (Jesus Christ) said: "Fear not, for he who is in you [Consciousness] is greater than he who is in the world." In Vedantic philosophy, we say that the former is God's *para* energy, while the latter is His *apara* energy.

In any case, we have the general categories of logic as the wave and the specialized creation and destruction operators of particles as the wave within the wave. The latter unfolds into the former and there is in turn a wave within that wave. In the specialized context of creation and destruction of particles, thought plays the role of a reduction operator, while in the more general sense THOUGHT plays the role of the destruction operator. It is in this way that the specialized wave unfolds into a generalized wave, which is in turn the seat of another specialized wave.

There are actually five operators in the new algebra: Destruction, Ideation, Reduction, Affection, and Creation, or DIRAC. In the specialized context, these are symmetric, whereas that symmetry is broken in the generalized sense. The reduction operator in the general sense just looks like: state vector|reduction, while the affection operator unfolds from a higher level and looks like: time, place, action, affection; where these are of course four of the ten Aristotelian categories of logic.

The outermost wave, which interfaces with the really existing particle, is called the Quantum Ground, while the particle is called the Classical Universe Particle, or BOHM POINT. The connection, through the wave within wave concept, of particle creation and destruction to the flow of process time establishes the synthesis of von Neumann's process 2 and his process 1 into one world process. This is in fact the whole import of the quantum formalism. Moreover, we do not bifurcate time into process time and Einstein time - we assume that process time is the true Einstein time, which will require of course the quantization of even special relativity.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000