Re: Fundamental Processes of the New Atomic Paradigm;
Reply to David Finkelstein

Dear Peter,

I am certainly willing to see my work discussed. And especially to improve it if possible.

Mostly I want to predict cross sections for particle experiments, and I gather from your paragraphs 1-11 that you have different interests.



Dear David,

Good, I will discuss it in the near future, along with some other papers I already have of yours. I will look forward to a dialogue, if one should arise. As for the cross sections, I certainly hope to get there by my rather more circuitous route, the efficacy or necessity of which you seem to doubt. Do you have no desire to get beyond the physical phenomenology to something deeper? Certainly you are at least into mathematical phenomenology in addition to the physical, but lacking philosophical integration, this is still a haphazard approach, IMHO, which is not likely to achieve a really important breakthrough at this late stage of the game.

My approach is in fact based on empirical phenomenology - the reality of our actual experience cannot be questioned or surpassed, but the physically constrained shadow of our total experience certainly cannot be taken as a self-sufficient reality unto itself, which it certainly is not. It would be as though the full athletic prowess of a man could be determined while he is confined to a straitjacket. The reality can easily explain its shadow, but the shadow can never capture or explain the reality, even if it *is* a holographic shadow! Without understanding the whole, you can never understand the sense in which the physical world *is* a holographic image. My paragraphs 1-11 are intended to show just that sense.

That is my Platonic view, which Heisenberg and most of the other founders shared, contrary to the public impression that they were uninterested in deep philosophical issues. What I would really like to do is resurrect the dialogic spirit of Copenhagen in a sincere attempt to develop the second generation of quantum theory, fully integrated this time with relativity, of course, and with consciousness studies!

Yours in the determined pursuit of testable cross sections,


Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000