Rael and Yahweh Elohim

The problem with all this emphasis on cloning is that it pertains only to the 7th stage of neurological evolution, which is the neurogenetic circuit. The body is problematic. To base a religion, or a religious science, on the creator and the creation of the human body is problematic, at best. A true religion, or a true religious science, should be based on the 8th stage of neurological evolution, which is the atomic-metaphysiological circuit. This pertains to the transcendence of the body through mastery of the real essence of atomic or quantum or process physics. Whether the little man (four feet tall) encountered by Rael and depicted below is limited to the seventh circuit, or whether that is just a preoccupation of Rael and Dr. Brigitte Boisselier is the pertinent question. In either case, the message of the Raelians is not really one of promise until the path to spiritual mastery and transcendence of all the contingencies of the bodily life is offered. If the "Godless" that Rael preaches amounts to "limited to the seventh circuit" and "limited therefore to the contingencies of the body", then indeed "Godless" is no good. It has been said that if God did not exist, man would have to invent Him. If the Yahweh Elohim of the Bible turns out indeed to be a little man who is limited to genetic experimentation with his creatures, then perhaps we must invent a better God, and perhaps such a reinvention is the true path of the Christ. Which is not to say that Yahweh Elohim may not be very well intentioned, but only that true redemption from the human condition does not lie in that direction. On the other hand, the limitation may be entirely a function of Rael and Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, and Yahweh Elohim may indeed have a greater teaching than the one about cloning to offer to mankind. Cloning may just be the calling card, if indeed that turns out to be authentic, as we shall all find out in about seven or eight days.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000