Jesus Christ will lead the Revolution

[Jack Sarfatti]
I should not respond to you, but even in your insanity you are a good representative of the anti-American Old Left -> New Age dupes of the terrorist network using "peace" in Orwellian Double Think. You and your many comrades in the Green Party, the Global Peace Network et-al are a Fifth Column.

[Peter Mutnick]
As I recall, it was not a grass roots movement in "1984" that constituted the brunt of Orwell's criticism, but rather a very manipulative and controlling *government*. As for me and the Old Left, there are major disagreements. I believe in the true God and will not surrender the moral highground to the hypocrites who transform God into a Capitalist, i.e., into His opposite, Mammon. Moreover, I do not think much of Women's Lib, which I see as primarily a Feminazi plot of the Fourth Reich in America, with occult connections to black magic and witchcraft. Of course, by denying the occult, the Old Left would like to hypocritically deny the existence of the black magic and witchcraft factually practiced by the Feminazis against any self-respecting male of the species. As for my attitude toward the Muslim terrorists, I am disturbed by their rhetoric in which they identify the American people, American males in particular, as the targets of their aggression, as well as Judeo-Christianity itself as a matter of general principle. One needs a score card here to figure out who are the Nazis and who are the anti-Nazis. Although Judeo-Christianity as a religious institution has been thoroughly corrupted by Capitalism, and although there has always been a corrupt element within the tradition itself, it still contains an essence of truth that can be gleaned by the discerning individual.

I think there is much that is good about the American people and even American society, *in spite of* a thoroughly rotten, corrupt, and decandent socio-economic system, i.e. Capitalism, which is now getting long in the tooth historically. I uphold Democracy and the good in the American people. I identify Capitalism as that which must be overthrown, hopefully by the American people coming to their senses and overcoming the brainwashing they have received from the Capitalists and the Capitalist-controlled media. I also believe that this will be facilitated by the Second Advent of Jesus Christ in a human-like but spiritual form to lead the Revolution. Then, when they are face to face with the Lord they profess, we will see whether the hypocrites in power repent or not. I would assume that when the Lord comes again it will be with sufficient UFO power to take control in the event that the Capitalists do not repent. I view Democracy and Capitalism as the battle between the irreconcilable opposites of Good and Evil within the American people. If Evil wins out, we will have the emergence of the Fourth Reich in America; if Good wins out, we will have the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000