JHVH ALHJM and quantum measurement theory

[Dan Smith]
...I follow the logic that to be real is to be observable. The singularity of the eschaton is just the singularity of consciousness that is precisely God. According to QM, there can be no other singularities, other than the experiential, eschatological singularity of consciousness.

[Peter Mutnick]
No, I am afraid I disagree with you here, and I think this is where you do not appreciate Stan's contribution. The Noumenon is transcendental to Mind and hence to Consciousness. It is the eternal intended object of Consciousness, which neither Mind nor Consciousness can ever fully encompass. It is what this fellow, Herbert Muller, denies, as well. It is the ultimate Reality, or the Mind-Independent Reality. It is the eternal paradox, that although all unfolds from the Mind, and although Consciousness is the Cosmic Verity, there is still a Noumenal Essence that escapes both Mind and Consciousness. Creation comes into being solely for the purpose of Mind and Consciousness attempting to know the Noumenon that forever escapes them.

[Stan Tenen]
Thanks. It's certainly obvious that while we'll probably never agree completely, at least we're communicating. :-)

BTW, have you seen Otto Rossler's "Endophysics"? Rossler (of the Rossler attractor) proposes that we live on/in a membrane/skin that stands between what wells up from inside, and what comes up from outside. I think he's on to the kabbalistic model. But of course, I don't think he's ever heard of Kabbalah. To tell the truth, while I can follow him, my physics isn't good enough to vet him. If you'd have a look and let me know what you think, I'd appreciate it.

Yeah, OK, to be more precise, this inside and outside that you are talking about is not the Mind (in the meta-physical world) and the Body (in the physical world) that I was talking about earlier. It is all more noumenal (physical) and centered in the noumenal. It is more correctly perhaps inward and outward, from the initial standpoint of the physical, and specifically the quantum object in the physical. The inward direction leads us to the emotional world, as the next world above the physical, while the outward direction leads us across the oroboric abyss that separates the physical from the meta-physical, the lowest world from the highest world.

JOD HE or HE JOD refer to the noumenal quantum object. VAV refers to von Neumann's II, in the oroboric sense that II is intermediate between the physical as I and the meta-physical as III. ALEPH and MEM refer to von Neumann's II in the sense that I is the physical and III is the mental. LAMED is the boundary between the emotional and the physical, the so-called Heisenberg Schnitt. Altogether these letters constitute the four letter Name, JOD HE VAV HE, and the five-letter name, ALEPH LAMED HE JOD MEM.

Now, there are altogether four versions of von Neumann's division of things into I (actually observed system), II (measuring instruments), and III (actual observer). This excludes, BTW, the special division, unique to the emotional world, into S (System), M (Measuring Apparatus), and O (Observer). The four versions are:

1. vertical division within the physical world
2. physical | emotional | mental
3. physical - emotional - mental | etheric | phenomenal - causal - meta-physical
4. physical | oroboric abyss | meta-physical

The principle of the psycho-physical parallelism reduces 2. to 1.

The final system is especially interesting, because I of 4. corresponds to III of 1., II of 4. corresponds to III of 2., and III of 4. corresponds to III of 3.

This is the correct Ansatz for quantum measurement theory. It is rather complex, and that is why no one has yet solved the quantum measurement problem. Could it be that the whole revelation of God was for that single purpose?

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