On Hal Puthoff's ZPE theory

I just finished reading Hal Puthoff's, "Can the Vacuum be Engineered for Spaceflight Applications?" I like his thinking very much. I wonder if he realizes the metaphysical implications of his thinking. For instance, the Spacetime Continuum is in the sixth or causal world, while the Quantum Vacuum is in the second or emotional world. The Zero-Point Energy encompasses four worlds: Zero - sixth or causal world; Point - fourth or etheric world; Energy - third or mental world. So, there is also an Energy Continuum, encompassing the third or mental world and the second or emotional world, where Continuum spans Quantum Vacuum. The point is, that although the Spacetime Continuum is the classical context for our observations, it is not necessarily a good basis state for quantum reality - it cannot necessarily be projected onto quantum reality via the normal methods of quantum mechanics and complementarity. The key idea, that Puthoff may be missing, is the idea that the Stress-Energy-Tensor really does define a SET, which is associated with a logical predicate that defines the pure ideational energy associated with the *fundamental* Stress-Energy-Tensor. Differential geometry and Hilbert space are both derived logically from SET theory. This reveals the completely derivative character of spacetime and hence gravity. Hyperspace, as the Pleiadians define it, is indeed the realm of pure ideational energy, prior to Spacetime. It is the Eidos of Plato. Hal's vision of space travel to the planets and beyond is hence not right, IMHO. Rather, it is all or nothing - once we master hyperspace, we can go *anywhere* in the universe *instantaneously* via the transfer of pure ideational energy, which is the *true* quantum teleportation, having little to do with the current claims going by that name. If Puthoff reads this, I would very much welcome a response to these ideas.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000