Dear Dave,

Can you tell me why these considerations, which are the axioms for a new rigorous science fully inclusive of consciousness and subjective experience, are not relevant and perhaps even crucial to progress in the field of consciousness studies, which you have come to represent?

Peter Mutnick

1. observer = classical organism

2. observed = quantum organism

3. observer + observed = one = transcendental (quantum + classical) organism

4. classical organism = observable operator

5. environment = eigenvector

6. body-world schema = noema = eigen-value

7. nama-rupa = mind + body of quantum organism

8. quantum implicate order = mind of classical organism

9. classical body = classical organism's perception of itself as a phenomenal object (this comes from Wolfgang Kohler)

10. classical body-world schema = noema -> dianoia-noesis -> quantum noumenon

11. the quantum noumenon can only be approached through the phenomenon (the phenomenal body-world schema)

12. quantum organism = noumenal organism, but the noumenon itself is the essential thinghood of that which is external to the organism, with which it interacts through contact, sensation, etc.

13. field mediates between classical organism + classical environment, in a different but interpenetrating system of worlds

14. field operator introjected by classical organism = Heisenberg's unified field as a Bohm-type guidance field for the organism

15. classical organism = astral organism constructs itself as an inner mental organism = quantum organism through its own self-creation

16. many worlds removed, in the highest transcendental world, the organism in its state of suchness, free of mental or astral function, acts back on the unified field as a differential geometric operator, ~d/dx_mu in Heisenberg's world formula

Thus the mental and astral overshadowing or guidance terms come from the non-linear term in the field equation, while the back-action comes from the kinetic term. Thus in quantum field theory, unlike the case in Schrodinger/Bohm theory, there is a natural back-action of the thing guided on the guiding field, but the thing guided is the organism as an observer, not a noumenal or externally observed reality.

17. in this nomological system of worlds, wherein exists Heisenberg's world formula, the noumenon can be approached through the world-unity schema, rather than through the phenomenal body-world schema, as in the case of the ontological system of worlds

Thus the eigensolutions of the world formula, represented by the body-world schemas and the whole system of observable operators and state vectors, exist in the ontological system of worlds, but their origin is in the world-unity schema, which must enter as a primitive element into the world formula, in the nomological system of worlds.

18. in the ontological system of worlds, primary mental matter individuates into physical mind and body, where mind accompanies each individuation of matter as body

19. matter, mind, and body are represented in logic by quantity, quality, and quantum

20. in the nomological system of worlds, quantity is again mental, but quality and qualia are now transcendental archetypal elements associated with each mental quantity

Thus the germ of individual identity, fully manifested in the ontological system of worlds, is to be found in the nomological system of worlds, where also is to be found the qualia experienced by the individual entity. The quantum as a noumenal element in the ontological system of worlds corresponds logically to the qualia as an archetypal element in the nomological system of worlds.

Peter Joseph Mutnick 1949 - 2000